Rochester was a center of first industrial revolution, and now is becoming a leader in the 21st century drive for a clean energy future. Thanks to the Rochester Peoples Climate Coalition for being out in front!

Bill McKibben, co-founder, 350.org

If only we had groups like the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition in every city, we would be on our way to effective energy and climate policies. I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the RPCC group, which is doing a good job at informing both the public and policymakers about climate change.

Dr. James Hansen, Climate Scientist

sandra_steingraberRoses to the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition for unflinching leadership in the face of the greatest emergency we’ve ever confronted.

Sandra Steingraber, author of Living Downstream

Climate change isn’t just a scientific issue, it’s a moral one, too. The Earth – humanity’s only home – is changing before our very eyes and it’s up to us to confront this great challenge head-on.

Rep. Louise Slaughter, NY-25

Displaying Sandra L Frankel.jpgThe Rochester People’s Climate Coalition (RPCC) of about 100 organizations stands strong for sustainability for our community, for our country, and indeed, for our planet.  From organizing Earth Week events, to participating in the People’s Climate March in New York City, and advocating for renewable energy and environmental justice, RPCC takes action to address the critical challenge that climate change poses for the future.  Having been involved with RPCC since its inception, I am pleased to endorse the coalition for its commitment to and work on behalf of a healthy, clean environment.
– Hon. Sandra L. Frankel, Former Supervisor, Town of Brighton